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Since to an American ear and reader the homophonic punning possibilities of the title "Faits Divers" in French are completely absent, IL Maestro di "PAROLE IN LIBERACE" Professore G-A Vidiamodopo suggests instead the use of an American homophonic translation, in order to keep alive the sense of
"Une Joie de Vivre qui se trouve a travers les Jeux du Mots."
(A Joy of Life found through Plays on Words)

--and now allow me to turn over the podium to our illustrious and well-beloved colleague, Il Maestro, Giulio Agosto di Vidiamodopo--

the Fondatore, who has given us the eternally generative legacy of his never-to-exhausted "Grand Song of the Open Piano" under the sign of his immortal


echoes of which one may find in all manifestations Visual Sonic Visceral which in their very most particulate, singular and also massed, on-flowing wave existences acknowledge the inspiring and influential, ceaselessly experimenting presence of Il Maestro among their notations of Found and Accidental scores . .

Then, with a magnificent flourish, Il Maestro di Parole in Liberace enters stage left and announces the entry into the world of the "Faits Divers--Fates' Divers"--

Special Forces' Lieutenant X announces the Vernissage of his "Celestial Snuff Films" at Galeria Gore,Friday, 19:00-24:00 hr. Combining his Fighter Jet's elegantly enhanced and edited videos with his own high powered zoom photos and infra red images, the young hero creates the "Theater of Certain Death" as seen by both the "Omniscient Eye's View from Above," and the "subjective focus on the Eroticism of the Subject's Snuffing on the ground."

Exactly at 8, the New American Extreme Experimental Fascist Poets' opening salvo of "Militarized Morphemes" created Pure Terror. Renditioning subjects from the audience using Chance Operations, the Poets undertook "Interrogations of Parole" via the branding of each Tongue as a Forbidden Langue. By making speech mute, projected words announced, the subject existed now only as name brands of material language.

Felix Feneon Editing La Revue Blanche --painted by Felix Vallotton

Felix Feneon Editing La Revue Blanche --painted by Felix Vallotton

from Nouvelles en trois lignes/Three Line News Items/ Short Stories

Feneon created the simultaneous "news/"stories" of his Nouvelles
with perhaps "more in mind" than his own punning use of the Faits Divers' Nouvelles en trois lignes--

he may have been thinking also of the example of Gusrave Flaubert
who several decades earlier had created out of a provincial journal’s Faits Divers the novel Madame Bovary:

“Delphine Delamare, 27, wife of a medical officer in Ry, displayed insufficient austerity. Worse, she ran up debts. To avoid paying them, she took poison.”

Nurse Elise Bachmann, whose day off was yesterday, put
on a public display of insanity.

A complaint was sworn by the Persian physician Djai Khan
against a compatriot who had stolen from him a tiara.

A dozen hawkers who had been announcing news of a
nonexistent anarchist bombing at the Madeleine have
been arrested.

A certain madwoman arrested downtown falsely claimed
to be nurse Elise Bachmann. The latter is perfectly sane.

On Place du Pantheon, a heated group of voters attempted
to roast an effigy of M. Auffray, the losing candidate. They
were dispersed.

Arrested in Saint-Germain for petty theft, Joël Guilbert
drank sublimate. He was detoxified, but died yesterday of
delirium tremens.

The photographer Joachim Berthoud could not get over the
death of his wife. He killed himself in Fontanay-sous-Bois.

Reverend Andrieux, of Roannes, near Aurillac, whom a
pitiless husband perforated Wednesday with two rifle
shots, died last night.

In political disagreements, M. Begouen, journalist, and
M. Bepmale, MP, had called one another "thief" and
"liar." They have reconciled.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Great Resource & Update Center: ADC Develops Online Crisis Resource Center on Gaza Attacks

ADC Update:
ADC Develops Online Crisis Resource Center on Gaza Attacks

It is in time of crisis that one discovers the difference between those who only talk and those capable of taking action!

Washington, DC | December 31, 2008 | www.adc.org | As part of its continuing efforts at addressing the continuing humanitarian tragedy in Gaza, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has developed on online crisis resource center on its website < http://www.adc. org >. This new online tool, designed to serve as a primary source of information, incorporates several resources on the Gaza attacks including:

1) A factual timeline of the events leading up to the Israeli attacks.

2) Reliable articles on the situation in Gaza.

3) A list of UN responses and statements on the tragedy.

4) A list of credible media sources.

5) A continuously updated resource on the numbers of killed and injured.

6) An instructive link on contacting the media about the tragedy in Gaza.

7) An instructive link on contacting elected representatives including President-elect Obama.

8) Links to Op-Ed articles being published on the tragedy in publications nationwide.

9) A list of protests, rallies, and vigils taking place nationwide.

In this time of crisis, ADC has been working hard and taking solid action to address the devastating attacks on the Gaza Strip. We wanted to update you on exactly what we have been doing, how you have helped so far and how you can help further.

On Sunday December 21st, days before the attacks, ADC published an Op-Ed in the Boston Globe decrying the inhumane collective punishment of Gaza as a result of an Israeli Siege and warning of disastrous consequences. You can see that Op-Ed here.

On Saturday December 27th, as the bombs fell on Gaza, ADC acted quickly to send letters to the President and the State Department. ADC also called upon you, our members and supporters to contact your representatives and President-Elect Obama. Our statistics indicate that thousands of you took action and did so promptly. You can see that Action Alert here and continue to contact your representatives.

On Monday December 29th, ADC responded to media inquires and issued press release to a multitude of media outlets condemning the Israeli assault on Gaza. ADC was represented three times on live international television broadcasts in both Arabic and English. You can see the press release here.

Also On Monday December 29th, ADC disseminated a list of protests, demonstrations and vigils happening this week across the country from coast to coast. You can see that list as well as information on how to contact the local organizers here.

Also On Monday December 29th, ADC held an emergency conference call with national and local chapter board members and officers to coordinate and discuss the organization' s response and next-steps in addressing this tragedy.

On Tuesday December 30th, ADC published another Op-Ed in the Chicago Tribune putting the attacks on Gaza in the context of the Israeli siege and reminding readers about Israel's role in escalating the violence and punishing the civilians in Gaza. You can read that Op-Ed here.

Also On Tuesday December 30th, After monitoring the dismal US-based media coverage of the humanitarian situation in Gaza, ADC again called upon you, our members and supporters to contact your local media outlets and make your voices heard so that we can provide our fellow citizens with an accurate picture of this tragedy. You can see that Action Alert here and continue to contact your local media outlets.

On Wednesday December 31st, ADC organized a protest in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC. The protest was covered by several media outlets including CNN, Al-Jazeera, and Reuters.

Also On Wednesday December 31st, ADC developed the online crisis resource center to serve as a primary information point on the humanitarian tragedy that continues to unfold in Gaza.

On Tuesday January 6th, 2009
, ADC is organizing an Emergency Town Hall Meeting at our National Headquarters in Washington, DC, for members of the Arab-American Community and their friends to discuss responses to the Attacks on Gaza, the effectiveness of the steps that have been undertaken, and strategies for improving on our response. You can see the announcement for that event here.

ADC is here to work on these issues and we cannot do it without the help of our membership, supporters, and friends. You help amplify the voice of the Arab-American community and the events of the past few days, and our quick and continued response to it, shows exactly why ADC is so very necessary. Click Here to Donate to ADC-RI.

We need your help to keep this going. Our professional team of staff are working through the New Years holiday to continue to serve the community in addressing this disaster. We need your help to keep ADC strong and prepared to address issues like this whenever they occur. ADC has been able to do this work with limited staff and resources. Just imagine the effect we could have on the public debate with more resources. Click Here to Donate to ADC-RI.

These are the last few hours in 2008, during which you can receive a tax write-off for your contribution to ADC-RI's work to educate people about the devastation in Gaza and other issues of importance to the Arab-American Community. Click Here to Donate to ADC-RI.

It is in time of crisis that one discovers the difference between those who only talk and those capable of taking action!

Take this final opportunity in 2008 to add to the strength of ADC voice by making your 100% tax deductible contribution.
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1732 Wisconsin Ave., NW | Washington, DC 20007
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